"The Astraeus's massive guns will make any enemy think twice before attacking". -Shipwright Summary
The Astraeus is a level ten ship with a capacity of ten cargo, incredible armament, the fourth-highest hull strength in the game, and low speed.

A great use for the Astraeus is as a flagship. Her unholy armament and high health pool mean that with minimal support from allies it can devastate anyone foolish enough to get in its way, though this ship can be countered by ships of greater speed such as the Marauder or Stiletto. The Astraeus does have one trick up its sleeves, stern cannons.

The Astraeus performs well with its massive armament which will scare almost anyone away. Due to its size and mobility, it is not a great chaser ship and is better used to defend and attack land targets. It does best as part of an escort with smaller, more nimble ships such as the Phoenix, Tyrant and Stilleto, similar to how modern aircraft carriers function in fleets of escorting ships. A good crew will quickly nullify any attacking force and provide great value when attacking land based targets. Despite its weaknesses, it is a formidable foe that is not to be underestimated.

Countering the Astraeus is not difficult for experienced pirates though, most likely using the Stiletto, Marauder, or Phoenix. The Astraeus's mediocre turning speed and rear cannons makes it likely to be stern locked, unless viable support is nearby or if the rear guns remain intact. Even if the rear guns remain intact they don't much damage, however, the higher elevation makes it easier to disarm an opponent's cannons.

Trivia Edit

  • Named after the Greek Titan god of dusk and winds. Perhaps not the most appropriate name for a ship of its type.
  • As well as the Atlas and Prometheus, the Astraeus has a captain's quarters with a large Map inside.
  • The possessive of Astraeus is Astraeus', not Astraeus's, so that means there is a typo in the Shipwright.
  • Often referred to by players as an "Astra".
  • Ironically the open deck is a feature in cargo ships, making it easier to load cargo and carry more. Considering the Atlas has a closed deck the two models should be swapped. The open deck of the Astraeus makes the gunners way more vulnerable to boarders than the Atlas' gunners, who have a roof over their heads. Yet the open deck has its advantages, the gunners could get to the cannons quicker if they are not already on, this also goes with not needing the narrow staircase as the Atlas.
  • Ideal crew size is 6
  • It is apparent that the Astraeus is a modified cargo vessel rather than a purpose-designed battleship, as it has a high cargo capacity despite being a warship

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The back of the ship.

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