Type Ironclad Barque
Role Combat
Hull Strength 17500
Max Armament 8 x Size 7 cannons, 2 x Size 4 cannon/mortar (Bow), 2 x Swivels
Max Cargo 5, x60 Cannon Ball storage
Speed 7
Metal x 590 Iron
Timber x 550 Wood
Doubloons 64000
Level 9

"The Badger's iron-reinforced hull makes her stronger than the Otter."-Shipwright Summary

The Badger is a level 9 ship with decent health and armament, low cargo, and fair speed. She is great for longer, larger battles where she can soak up moderate damage, but lack of maneuverability make her vulnerable to faster ships, like a Stiletto, Tyrant or Marauder. It is more useful as a blockade or medium duty combat ship for this reason.

Considered a cheaper alternative to the Badger and Phoenix, it has the same armament. It is rarely referred to as a "mock or fake" Phoenix, due to lacking an engine.


Named after the small, docile American mammal. Probably has more in common with the African and Asian honey badger which is fast, aggressive, has been known to kill animals much larger than itself and has thick skin that's resistant to machete blows, low caliber bullets, insect stings and snake bites, which is representative of this ships iron hull.

If you're looking for the steam engine equipped variant, have a look at the Phoenix. It is the same as the Badger equipped with an engine.

Being a semi-clad, the Badger will reward the "Ironclad" title.

Many experienced players consider it a waste of materials, and that it is better to put in the extra work to get a Phoenix, which statistically is a better option.


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