Image of the Beaver

Type Barquentine
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 10000
Max Armament 6 x Size 7 Cannon

2 x Size 3 Cannon (Stern)

2 x Size 1 Swivel Gun

1 x Small Boat

Max Cargo 12

Storage for 60 Cannon Balls

Speed 7
Metal 80
Timber 530
Doubloons 46000
Level 8

"Pirates will think twice before attacking a fully-equipped Beaver."-Shipwright Summary

The Beaver is a level 8 ship with high cargo armament and durability and reasonable speed. A great trader, especially if it has a crew to defend it.


Named after the plump little mammal mostly found in North America and Canada. Well known for having buck teeth, timber felling and building dams. As these creatures swim and rarely attack, it gives the ship an appropriate name.

The Beaver has a somewhat improved sister ship. The Fox is not only equipped with everything the Beaver has and holds the same speed and cargo, it also comes with the welcome addition of a steam engine and medium mortar.


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