Burkeland is a Non Playable Faction (NPC) in Tradelands. It is known for building all the ships seen in Tradelands except for the Serpent and the Poseidon, Badger, Phoenix, Retaliator and Neptune. Not much else is known about Burkeland, but it's known that Burkeland is often neutral in politics unless provoked.


The World Summit - Coal Ban

During the World Summit, Burkeland had suggested a coal limit on all the faction's navies which Inyola had agreed to, and Purshovia there to disagree. A short excerpt from Burkeland during the summit was this, "The coal's pollution and smoke is ruining our clear blue sky, we wouldn't want that to return to us, therefore we suggest to start a limit on coal usage."

Burkelandian Merchants Fired Receive Fire From Nova Balreskan Navy

Due to a misconception of a cannon fire by an unknown ship, Nova Balreska Navy had fired upon the Burkelandian ship killing a few. In spite of this, the merchants quickly fired tried reaching Hallengard for safety. Eventually someone was able to contact Burkeland and a trial was set for the Nova Navy Officials who were at the incident. The Nova Balreskan Navy Admiral Thespirit303lol was found guilty and sentenced to being demoted in the navy and a 100,000 Doubloons fine to be paid.

Faction Ranks and Government

Government Type: Monarchy

King: Superburke1

Adviser: C_V

Admirals: Rhonor

Diplomatic Relations

Alliances: N/A

Enemies: Blackwind Pirates

Neutral: Kingdom of Whitecrest, Nova Balreska, Hallengard,  Purshovia Federation, Inyola

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