Tradelands has various commands for players to use to help bring new looks to their gameplay. Some of the commands will let players to trade with other players or invite them to your crew. Other commands will transport players to another server.

General Commands Edit

  • /invite <name of player> -- Invites a player to your crew. You can also type /inv <name of player>
  • /trade <name of player> -- Requests a trade with another player
  • /count -- Tells you how many resources you have harvested in the past week. Resets every Wednesday at 8 PM est.

/pp Commands (removed) Edit

These commands were introduced to provide photo like effects to your background.

These commands no longer exist, but here's what they do anyway

Command Effect
/pp bright Brightens your screen.

For use at night only or

you will need eye surgery

/pp dark Sets the effects back to normal
/pp normal Pretty straightforward
/pp (anything after it as long as

It's not a symbol or a command

that already exists)

sets the effects back to normal
/pp tropical Makes the colors on your screen

appear brighter, although the lighting

won't change

/pp water Changes the fake water to real RobloxTMwater
/pp Type a space after it. Has the same

functions as /pp dark and /pp normal

/pp noir changes your screen to black and white

Bloom Commands Edit

Rays Commands (Doesn't exist anymore either pretty sure) Edit

  • /Lettherebelight -- Literally makes an atomic reactor ray gun that shines brightly into your eyes
  • /Lettherebenolight -- Resets the lighting back to normal

Screen color changers (not sure if these exist anymore either) Edit

/codered -- changes your screen to red

/codeblue -- changes your screen to blue

Source: Effects link

Tradelands Adventure Guide

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