Tradelands has various commands for players to use to help bring new looks to their gameplay. Some of the commands will allow players to trade with other players or invite them to your crew. Other commands will transport players to another server.

General Commands

  • /invite (Player) - Invites player of the same faction to your crew
  • /trade (Player) - Sends a Trade request to the player
  • /mute (Player) (Roblox command) - Allow you to mute and now see what the player is saying in game.
  • /team (or /t) (Roblox command) - Allows you to go into Team chat.
  • /Battleserver - Takes you to a private server that's used for lore affecting fights, do not join unless told to.
  • /e dance - Makes your player dance use 1, 2 or 3 at the end of dance to change your characters dance.
  • /e wave - Causes your character to wave in whatever direction your facing.
  • /e cheer - Makes your character jump up and do a celebration.
  • /e laugh - Makes your character laugh.
  • /e point - Causes your character to point in whatever direction your facing.

/pp Commands

Command Effect
normal Normal
bw Applies black and white tint to visuals (Old school movie style)
sepia Applies reddish-brown colour tint to visuals (Old picture style)
noir Darkens your screen
tropical Enhances certain colours
n2 Light sources will stand out
bright Brightens your screen (recommended for night time)
codered applies red tint to visuals
codeblue applies blue tint to visuals
blind Colourblinded

Bloom Commands

  • /bloom mobloom
  • /bloom nobloom

Rays Commands

  • /rays lettherebelight
  • /rays nomoreeyes
  • /rays nomorerays

Secret Command

  • /water - changes the 'fake' water into real ROBLOX water (Once typed, It might freeze your computer for a while so for people who don't have good computer's are not adviced to do so)

Source: Effects link


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