Type Galleon
Role Blockade Runner
Hull Strength 10000
Max Armament 4 x Size 8 Cannon

2 x Size 1 Swivel Gun

Max Cargo 10
Speed 8
Metal 120
Timber 660
Doubloons 56500
Level 9

"The Cutlass is ideal for making sure your cargo does not get stolen."

The Cutlass is a level 9 ship with an excellent armament combined with high speed and cargo. The Cutlass is quick to deliver high amounts of cargo whilst packing a quad of size 8 cannons to deter any enemies (or chase down and sink merchants with ease). Her main weakness is her low number of cannons, a problem with the Stiletto, but worse.

The few guns it has can be sniped away at close range, risking massive amounts of damage output. People don't use the Cutlass as much due to its inferior combat stats, but can be used as a pseudo mercantile ship.

Her twin, the Stiletto, with extra cannons and health is superior for combat, although with three less cargo than the Cutlass, the Stiletto is considered worse for trading purposes.


Named after the curved sword often used by pirates and navies at the time.

The picture shown above is actually the Cutlass' combat based sister ship the Stiletto. The only difference between the two ships other than slightly different amounts of HP, is that the Cutlass can carry 3 more cargo at the front in exchange for two size 5 guns in the front.

The Cutlass and Stiletto are Galliots (a small, fast galley), but don't really fit that definition either because they lack rowers. They are too small (and Spanish inspired) to be Galleys, and Galleons had at least three decks. These ships are the most notable example of Tradelands' poor historical accuracy.


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