The in-game image of Doubloons.

Doubloons are the most common form of currency within the game. They are used to purchase items or trading goods, and can be used in player-to-player trade.


Being the main currency of Tradelands, doubloons are fairly simple to obtain through various means. Doubloons can be earned by the following:

  1. Trading goods city-to-city
    • However, this requires the purchase of goods from an NPC Trader, which in turn costs doubloons.
  2. Trading player-to-player
    • A fairly simplistic method. If another player has doubloons, they could always just give them to you.
  3. Killing opponents/Sinking enemy ships.
    • Any kill rewards doubloons.
    • Just know that there are safe zones, and you can't kill them.
    • The crates looted earns more money if sold from a furthur distance, EXP gain remains constant.
    • Sinking a ship will yield doubloons, varying on the ship itself.
  4. Buying with robux.
    • At any premium merchant you can get 100,000 doubloons for 1,000 robux not recommended.


Given that Tradelands is a game all about trading, it'd be correct to assume that doubloons played a major role in running the game. The specific usage for the currency is very extensive, and provides a backbone of evaluation for almost all goods and items. Here are the general actions in which a player may need to spend doubloons.

  1. Building ships
    • All ships require doubloons to be built. (Except for Combat Log)
  2. Buying goods for city-to-city trade
    • Though, if you successfully deliver the goods to another port you will be rewarded with profit.
  3. Trading with other players
    • Optional, but you could offer doubloons for an item instead of bartering for it.
  4. Buying items from shopkeepers
    • Most items from shopkeepers cost doubloons.


After the August 2017 update, you can now purchase Doubloons at the premium merchant for 1000 robux for 100K Doubloons.

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