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A lightning storm, commonly referred to most players as an "E-Storm", is a rare occurrence that takes place during night; an E-Storm used to be identifiable by purplish-whitish lightning bolts across the sky, as well as many light flashes across the entire map.

The purple lightning has been removed about a year or 2 ago.

To identify an E storm now, there are 3 conditions that must be met:

  • It’s night
  • It’s storming
  • It’s pitch black, like so black you barely see your own ship.

During an "Electric Storm," gem ores become more common and you have the chance to get a very rare ore called Electrosteel, which has the color and material of a neon white. To gain Electrosteel during an E-Storm, you must have an Angelic Sapphire Pickaxe (a pick made of Angelwood and Sapphire) on a non-spawn island, which includes Fenwick, Freeport, Perth, Harrisburg, Salem, Cannoneer's Key, and The Nameless Isles.

As Nassau is now a playable faction, you can no longer obtain Electrosteel on it's spawn island.

The chance of an E-Storm to happen are very slim, coming in about for a 8% chance every night.

During winter, the alternative is a snowstorm. During the snowstorm you can get Ice.