The High-Quality Mold (HQM's) may be purchased from the Premium Merchant for 10 Premium Tokens, or from the Loyalty Merchant for 3 Loyalty Tokens. HQM's are used to craft a select variety of weapons- such as swords or muskets. Weapons requiring HQM's typically have a higher durability than other weapons.

Weapon HQM's


Rapier 1
Smallsword 1
Stiletto (Tool) 1
Battleaxe 1
Musket 2
Long Musket 3

The Developers' original plan was to allow HQM's to be reusable, but that plan was soon abandoned. Currently, the only way to obtain HQM's is to purchase it from any Premium Merchant (10 Premium Tokens) or from any Loyalty Merchant (3 Loyalty Tokens), or to obtain one through trade with another player.


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