Inyola is a non-playable faction under the rule of the Imperial Emperor of Inyola, InYo22. It’s flag has the picture of a dragon (see picture).Since Inyola is a non-playable faction, players are unable to play or join as Inyola, though players can choose to support the faction. Inyola is located in the far east of the Tradelands map, extending well beyond Blackwind Cove. A journey from Inyola to the Kingdom of Whitecrest is estimated to be fourteen actual days- though this has not been confirmed by the developers.  

In the past, Inyola has sent scouts to the Kingdom of Whitecrest. The first scout ship that was sent was sunk by Whitecrest. The next scout ship that went to Whitecrest was used to announce the annexation of Whitecrest to Inyola. A few months later, a scout ship was spotted and was used to forewarn the arrival of the Imperial Fleet. 


Inyola also has an imperial naval fleet of over one-thousand ships. The Imperial Fleet is rumored to mostly consist of Serpents, Behemoths, Krakens, and Pangolins (currently non-existient within the game), as these are the only ships confirmed to be in the Imperial Fleet.

Having lost the battle of Whitecrest, Inyolan's movements are now unknown. However, their naval fleet continues to remain a threat to Whitecrest. People say the war between Purshovia and Inyola is still going on as the war may take either side.

Inyola's Representatives

Emperor of Inyola: Inyo22

Advisor: eric5283

Tradelands Roleplay Storyline

  • Reports of an Inyolan Scout Ship was sunk by Whitecrest. A new map of Tradelands was discovered within the expanded areas. 
  • The Kingdom of Whitecrest was invaded by four Inyolan Serpent Ships to pressure Whitecrest to surrender to its empire. The attack was quickly joined by Blackwind Pirates and Verdantine. Many Whitecrest Ships were sunk.
  • The Whitecrest King Kagaros surrendered to Inyola and were given 72 hours until the official annexation to Inyola.
    Inyolan Fort

    Inyolan Fort built within Fenwick.

  • A new Inyolan fortress was built on Fenwick.
  • Purshovia fleet cruelly destroyed the Inyolan fleet occupying Whitecrest
  • Near Nova Balreska, an Inyolan Warlord (Piao Chang) was shot by xXFleetXx in the crossfire between pirates, Inyola, and Nova Balreska's navy. Following this, Inyola pressured Kagaros, Nova Balreska's Chancellor, to vote in favor of Inyola's coal bill.


  • The faction received its name from its emperor, Inyo22.
  • The Inyola Pagoda Fort was built before Whitecrest was annexed to Inyola. Due to the lack of cannons protecting the fort, three Imperial Serpents protected the fort instead.
  • The Inyola Pagoda Fort was used for refeuling Inyola merchant ships using coal from Whitecrest.
  • The Inyolan emperor had no children or wife. He died of the "northern cough."


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