Kagaros is one of the well known people in Tradelands and know for being both King of Whitecrest, and Chancellor of Nova Balreska.

Whitecrest History

Kagaros was the Third elected King of Whitecrest, and disputably the most affluent King during his reign from June 26th or 29th 2015[1], ruling for (?) days, until he was forcibly dethroned by the successful Inyolan Annexation of Whitecrest led by Emperor Piao (InYo22) on September(?) 2015[2]

Nova History

After months of redundancy, Kagaros resumed his position as a ruler after he had accepted the position of Chancellor of Nova Balreska, which before had previously successfully defeated the Verdantine Sovereignty under the Verner Expedition.


Due to Tradelands being part roleplay, Kagaros's Whitecrest and Nova Balreska roleplay character's are serperate people to avoid confusion during roleplay.


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