Kraken made out of bloodoak

Type Junk
Role Multi - Purpose
Hull Strength 17500
Max Armament 2x Size 6 Mortar

6x Size 8 Cannon 2x Size 4 Cannon (Bow)

Max Cargo 12

Storage for 120 Cannon Balls

Speed 6
Metal 200
Timber 900
Doubloons 85000
Level 10 + May 2017 POTC Event Completed

"The Kraken's large, forward-facing mortars are sure to strike fear into the hearts of any foe." -Shipwright Summary

The Kraken is a level 10 "Special Edition" ship available during a Special Event for Tradelands. The Kraken is the second largest known Inyolan warship in Tradelands.

[This ship was only available through the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales event, which concluded May 28th, 2017, a Ghost Kraken variation is found at the premium merchant].

About the ship, it has good armament (notably the mortars), health, cargo, decent speed and a slow turning rate. The slow turning speed along with the large stern makes it easy to stern lock.


Like the Serpent, the Kraken can be used to deliver fish cargo from Whitecrest to Freeport for a high selling price. Its broadside cannons are large, but there are only three per side, equal to a Prometheus. However, one can turn the mortars to the side, adding some extra broadside firepower. For combat, this ship can take down large, slow ships such as a Goose or Widgeon, possibly even a Beaver. Herons and Pelicans are also possibilities, but they may be difficult to hit because of their small-ish size. When a Kraken needs to escape attackers, it can outrun enemies upwind because of its junk rigged sails.

The Kraken is one of the most difficult ships to board. It has high sides sloped outward, so managing to get on is quite tricky. However, when the ship rocks away from you, it is much easier to hop up the side of the ship. A fairly high wall helps protect the large cannons and mortars. Since the Kraken is so hard to get on to, selling cargo might take extra time, but if you know where to jump, it shouldn't be a problem. The Kraken makes a decent interceptor because of its combination of mortars, speed and chaser cannons that can hit enemies ahead. A major weakness of the Kraken is its huge blind spot at the stern. There are no cannons that can fire behind the Kraken, and her wide stern is not hard to hit.


This ship is named after the famous mythological creature, a giant squid like monster that is capable of sinking entire ships. 

It is possible to make this ship without the event by hitting level 10 on any faction, though as soon as the person leaves the server he will not be able to make it without having another faction without level 10.