Type Dhow
Role Multi-Purpose
Hull Strength 2700
Max Armament 2 x Size 2 Cannon
Max Cargo 3
Speed 7
Metal 5
Timber 40
Doubloons 1000
Level 1

"The Lark's lateen sail makes her extremely maneuverable." -Shipwright Summary

The Lark is a LV 1 beginner ship. It has less max armament than the Sparrow and less cargo than the Swallow. The first decent ship for boarding and cargo runs. A reliable starter ship.


Named after the small brown bird found mostly in hot, dry environments, rather ironic as this is a ship.

The lateen sails allow it to maintain full speed while being perpendicular to the wind, unlike normal sails which require going downwind to gain full speed.

The Lark is considered a Flyboat due to her high speed and small size. Even though she's speed 7, most of the time you can catch/escape speed 8 ships thanks to the Lateen sail.

One way to use the lark is to board ships. To do this, simply stop the ship in front of the ship you plan to board so the ship you are raiding can not continue to move forward, and jump onto their deck. You can also use it to catch slower targets (any ship with normal sails and speed 7) by matching the enemy's speed. The other purpose for this boat is an auxiliary role in a flotilla, Flyboats work as boarder protection and cargo carriers for warships.