Loyalty Tokens are a daily-login reward for being active within the game. They can be spent on Items sold by the Loyalty Merchant, which can be rewarding. They can also be used for buying accessories from the Accessory Merchant.

Loyalty Token

Image of a Loyalty Token.


There is only one way of obtaining loyalty tokens:

"Playing daily.The point of the Loyalty Token is to reward players for coming back day-after-day. One Loyalty token is earned for each daily-login."

Notice that Loyalty Tokens cannot be traded along with any other items with "[Loyalty]" in their names.


Being the more limited of the two currencies, Loyalty Tokens have a small number of items that can be purchased from the Loyalty Merchant, Accessory merchant, and furniture merchant These items include:

Loyalty Merchant
Item Cost
Featherstone (x1) 10
Round Shot (x20) 1
Lord Gaben's Blessing (x1) 3
Mermaid Figurehead (x1) 5
Mercat Figurehead (x1) 8
Sturdy Wheel (x1) 3
Banded Wheel (x1) 6
Salt (x5) 1
Cannon Repair Kit (x1) 1
High-Quality Mold (x1) 3
Dull Dye (x20) 2
Accessory Merchant
Item Cost
Whitecrest Cape 5
Nova Cape 5
Hallengard Cape 5
Blackwind Cape 5
Parrot 15
Personal Steam Engine 15
Furniture Merchant
Item Cost
Candle Making Station 20
Beehive 20
Oil Press 20
Custom Weapon Station 20
Loyalty Plaque 100
Sturdy Oak Chest 15
Coppered Mahogany Chest 20
Shiny Cherry Chest 20
Reinforced Elm Chest 20
Gilded Ebony Chest 30
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