Image of the Manta.

Type Ketch
Role Support
Hull Strength 8800
Max Armament 1 x Size 8 Mortar

6 x Size 7 Cannon

Max Cargo 3
Speed 8
Metal 65
Timber 330
Doubloons 28000
Level 6

"The Manta's reinforced bow allows her to carry a heavy mortar."-Shipwright Summary

The Manta is a level 6 ship with good armament and health, high speed, and low max cargo. A promising fighting ship.

If used in combat, it's recommended to use its heavy mortar in support role however, it's good broadside does make close range combat very effective with a full crew. It is a good ship for combat with small crews due to it having very long range, a decent broadside, and more maneuverability than higher tier ships like Stiletto, it is also a smaller target. It is a good ship for escorting slow merchant ships like Atlas or Goose, for it can cover their blindspots fairly easily. Overall, it is more of a support ship than a full on combat ship, it can put up a very good fight solo, but is more designed towards support than combat due to its long range mortar and maneuverability.


Most likely named after the Manta Ray, a large member of the stingray family that have wide mouths and lack stingers. Kind of ironic as this ships stinger is its high caliber mortar.

Excluding the Mortar Platform and the War Koi, the Manta is the only ship which can mount a size 8 mortar.

The Kestrel is considered as a downgrade or a lesser version of the Manta. Although it posses double the cargo capacity, it has a weaker mortar, less numerous and weaker guns, less ammo and is slower.

It could be compared to the Orca armament wise, due to it trading the mortar for twice as much cargo, weaker chasers, and an extra 2 guns.

The Manta is a bomb ship. Bomb ships are known for supporting fleets with their long-range mortars although true bomb ships often have more than one mortar.

The manta resembles Nahr's air-ship. The air-ship looks like the manta with a giant balloon attached above it and two propellers on each side.


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