Small Sword

A Smallsword

Sword materials only affect the durability. Salt degrades the fastest and Pursteel degrades the slowest. Sword material does not affect damage. Basically if someone has the same sort of sword as you (shortsword, sabre, etc etc) made of a different metal, you are not at a disadvantage.

Wood types are cosmetic and do not affect anything but the appearance. Each tier of weapon does more damage than the last one; however, their swing speeds may vary, with daggers having the fastest attack rate and the battleaxe the slowest. Daggers also take up less stamina than other weapons, but have the shortest range.

New Testing for Stats (Public Data Welcomed)

  • Attack Speed - How many times a basic swing can be done within 5 secs. (will include stamina fatigue to the time). Preferred on a starter account (default stamina level).
  • Stamina - Testing on a starter account (default stamina level), see how many basic swings can be done before running out.
  • Weapon Reach - Compare the length of the weapon from center of grip to the edge of the sword, to other swords. With weapon in hand, stand next to a wall to easily measure sword length.
  • Hits to Kill - In rapid swing succession to see how many swings it takes to kill. Test will have to account for natural health regen (when in red/orange), if not done in rapid swing succession.
  • Blocking Capacity - With a basic slash, and the blade your testing in the correct block position, test how often the hit is blocked out of 5 tries.

Ranking of weapon stats will be removed except for weapon reach. Or transferred to a Short, Medium, Long range.

Sword Name Picture Hits To Kill (Slashing) Hits to Kill (Stabbing/Smashing) Attack Speed (Rank) Stamina Usage (Rank) Weapon Reach (Rank)
Stone Axe
Axe Stone
12 12+ 8th 3rd 5th
Stone Pickaxe
Pickaxe Stone
12 12+ 8th 3rd 5th
Old Knife
Old Knife
8 8 1st 1st 10th
6 6 4 (1st) 1st 7th
Short Sword
Short Sword
6 6 3 (7th) 4th 4th
6 29+ 3 (4th) 1st 5th
14 5 4 (3rd) 3rd 2nd
Small Sword
6 6 4th 4th 3rd
14 5 1st 1st 7th
4 4 7th 7th 2nd
4 14 8th 8th 5th
Navy/ Exclusive


Picture Hits to kill (stabbing) Hits To Kill (Slashing) Attack Speed(rank) Stamina Usage(rank) Weapon Reach(rank)
Whitecrest Halberd
4 4 8th 8th 1st (Farther than Hallengard Battleaxe if stabbing)
Hallengard Battleaxe ? 4 8th 8th 1st
Hallengard Dagger 6 6 1st 1st 6th
Balreskan Longsword
4 4 4th 3rd 2nd
Balreskan Warhammer
Balreskan Warhammer
4 4 1st 1st 6th
4 4 7th 7th 2nd
4 4 6th 7th 2nd

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