Type Ironclad Catboat
Role Personal Transport
Hull Strength 9000
Max Armament Spotlight Swivel x1, Advanced Swivel x1
Max Cargo 1
Speed 7 (L)?
Metal None
Timber None
Doubloons None. Requires Minnowclad Voucher.
Level None
The Minnowclad is a variant of the Minnow but with minor changes to it. The Minnowclad can only be achieved by a Minnowclad Voucher and turning it in to the Premium Merchant. Compared to the Steamfish, the Minnowclad is faster by an unknown amount, it has a crows nest with a Spotlight swivel, a radio, and an Advanced swivel in the front with a ram.

There are three variants of the Minnowclad: The regular Minnowclad, a RIOT Minnowclad which features a low white wall around the boat, and some flashing white and blue lights, and a Steamfish Minnowclad variant which features a steam engine similar to the Steamfish's.

The minnowclad is unnaturally durable, even rivalling some higher tier ships like the Stiletto and Serpent. That, when coupled with the Minnowclad's small stature, makes it extremely hard to sink.

A regular minnowclad has a chance to be a different material once redeemed.

This ship, despite its small size and limited profile can actually be cladified. Although whether or not it's variants being cladified is possible but unknown.

Minnowclad was a ship that was released on November 20th, 2015. The ship was released due to the "Minnowclad Event" reaching one-thousand Minnowclad vouchers being sold.

The Minnowclad is no longer available but can be obtained through trading with someone who has an unused voucher.

The Minnowclad is not viable for sinking ships, but excels at killing the crew. In a serious role, the Minnowclad should support slower ships with carronades by picking off boarders, cannoneers, gunners, and cannons.

Also useful for saving crew from sunken ships or supporting "water fights".


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