Type Ironclad
Role Combat
Hull Strength 27,000
Max Armament 1 x Size 10 Turret, 6 x Size 6 Cannon
Max Cargo 0
Speed S:1, E:4
Metal x2500 Iron, Advanced Engine x1
Timber x500
Doubloons 1,000,000
Level 10
"The Neptune's all-iron hull makes it extremely tough. Press E to toggle engine on and off. Requires Coal to run. Don't forget to press V to see while driving. HAS NO SAILS." - Shipwright Description

The Neptune is a level 10 vanity ship with no cargo, a great bow gun and a 6x size 6 cannons, low speed, and high hp. The slow turning speed (similar to the Poseidon) makes the Neptune susceptible to stern locking; however, it makes up for these flaws with a big health pool, plus the ability to mount a bow gun unique to the ship. options include the Neptune Super Carronade, Neptune Howitzer, and the Neptune Twin Long Guns or the 42T Long Gun. The most effective use of the Neptune in combat conditions is being a support role. It can be used to take on the fire of enemy ships, while ally ships deal most of the damage towards the enemy ships. The Neptune can be entered through the hatch located on rear or in an exposed case-mate. It requires an Advanced Engine, which can be obtained from the premium merchant for 1000 Robux or from trading.

Tips and Strategies

Even being the most durable ship, it can be countered by many fast turning or heavily armed ships. Disabling a broadside or front gun is crucial to sink a Neptune. However, the Neptune runs solely on coal, and if a crew runs out of coal, it becomes a sitting duck and is extremely vulnerable.

Long Guns are recommended for the broadside due to the ship's low turn and movement speed.

The Neptune can also be equipped with the Neptune Upgrade figurehead which gives it additional side armor and a mortar tarp on the roof of the Neptune.


  • The Neptune is based on the case-mate ironclad warships of the late 19th century.
  • Currently the strongest ship in Tradelands as well as the most expensive both doubloon and iron wise.
  • Named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune whom is known for causing earthquakes and floods which suits the ship. 
  • Its reward for sinking it is between approx. 1250-1900 dbs.
  • The enemy of this ship used to be the Marauder, but when the Tyrant was added, people say that the Tyrant is the new enemy due to it's high speed, powerful armament, and small size.

The CSS Virginia, an example of a casemate ironclad.


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