Image of the Orca.

Type Brigantine
Role Interceptor
Hull Strength 8750
Max Armament 8 x Size 7 Cannon

2 x Size 3 Cannon (Bow)

Max Cargo 6

Storage for 30 Cannon Balls

Speed 7
Metal 60
Timber 340
Doubloons 26000
Level 6

"The Orca's bow chasers make her perfect for running down the enemy."-Shipwright Summary

The Orca is a level 6 ship with great hull strength, armament, and cannonball storage and decent speed and cargo. A promising ship for aspiring combatants. It's more recommended to use a Shark or Manta, having faster speeds.

The Orca is the second available ship with bow chasers,(Raider "chaser guns"). It's not used as much as other LV 6 ships, due to its inferior speed as a combat ship.


During the POTC Event, this ship was used to defeat the Kraken in the Crazy Captain's adventure. This also looks like a Marlin with bow chasers, with less cargo, and cannon ball storage.

Named after the iconic and intelligent large black and white dolphin like sea mammal also known as a Killer Whale.


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