Image of the Pelican

Type Topsail Sloop
Role Mercantile
Hull Strength 5000
Max Armament 2 x Size 6 Cannon
Max Cargo 8
Speed 5
Metal 35
Timber 160
Doubloons 8000
Level 4

"Though relatively slow, the Pelican carries a decent amount of cargo and rather large cannons for its small size. An added topsail and additional jib makes the Pelican slightly faster than the Heron."-Shipwright Summary

The Pelican is a level 4 ship and is basically a replica of the Heron's relatively high health, good armament, and cargo, with one additional speed, though this is still a very slow ship.

This ship is not popular, due to it costing more, and better alternatives for mercantile ships not far from its level. The max cannon size can do low to moderate damage on small enemies. These cannons are meant for light defense, but many players can't craft these size 6 cannons yet.


Named after the large white coastal bird with its famous large orange beak and throat pouch.


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