The Round Shot is the main ammunition used for cannons in Tradelands. It can also be referenced as a cannonball.

A common abbreviation is "RS".

To fire a Round Shot in game, the player must have at least one in their inventory, find a cannon and sit in the seat, and press "F" on the keyboard.

You can buy 10 Round Shot for 800 doubloons at the General Merchant, or craft them at a rate of 5 iron for 5 Round Shot, and no crafting level is required. Round Shots are also obtainable from the Loyalty Merchant for the rate of 1 token per 20 Round Shots.

Roundshot Used to be buyable for 1k doubloons at the General Merchant for 20. however with the update in april Roundshot is sold 800 for 10 with a markup making it 1.6k for 20.

Round Shots can be carried in a ships storage to allow the player to move quicker instead of carrying around the weight of the heavy Round Shots.

Different ships can carry a different amounts of round shots in their storage.

Despawning your ships does NOT have any effect on the round shots in the storage.

Crewmembers cannot access round shot storages on ships, only the captain of the ship. You want to carry lots of RS without going over your weight limit. if you are on a crew. If there is shot in storage and you are in the crew you can just fire and it will automatically take it out of storage.

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