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Smokey in daylight

Steamy's big brother

Smokey is a machine located on an unnamed small island east of Salem, west of Perth and south of Nova Balreska. Smokey will mine saltpeter at a rate of 2 every five minutes, making it an efficient way of collecting the resource.

Smokey is claimed/activated by holding 'E' on the GUI which appears to the top left of the machine for 15 seconds, and can only be claimed by one player at a time. Saltpeter is collected by holding 'E' for 5 seconds over the collection box. Only players who hold the current claim on Smokey can collect the saltpeter in the collection box, with the amount of saltpeter in the box carrying over between claims.


  • Smokey resembles the steam engine of a steamfish.
  • Smokey also resembles Steamy, probably because they're siblings.
  • The pickaxe which mines the loose rock is an iron pickaxe, which, when wielded by a player, cannot mine saltpeter.
  • The loose rock that Smokey mines cannot be mined by a player.
  • Smokey kinda cute ngl