Type Caravel
Role Multi-purpose
Hull Strength 3800
Max Armament 4 x Size 3 cannons
Max Cargo 5
Speed 7
Metal 25
Timber 130
Doubloons 8500
Level 3
"The Starling is a fast maneuverable ship with modest armament and cargo carrying capacity." -Shipwright Summary

The Starling is a level 3 ship that, like its summary says, is a well balanced, low level ship that will perform, but not exceed in any task it is put to. It is very good for trading at low levels, yet still able to defend itself.

As a Flyboat, it works great for lower merchants and pirates alike. It's good for stealing cargo and preventing cargo from being caught. Even though it has more health than the Lark, her large hull makes her easier to hit and thus more likely to be sunk. The Lateen sails allow her to go perpendicular to the wind and maintain full speed. It is also one of the easiest ships to maneuver. Although it has a short delay before responding it turns very fast


Named after the common medium sized bird found in Britain and Europe.

Due to its lateen sails and shorter length, it is more maneuverable than the Dart. This combined with its decent armament makes it viable in combat with similar tier vessels.

Often overlooked because of it's small cannons and low health, but is better than most mid-level ships in every other way.


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