Tradelands May Newsletter

  • Rthro avatars have been added to the game as well as new lighting
  • EuphoriaUnity's Team has won Riezzen's fishing challenge
  • The Tradelands Logo has somehow disappeared. a new logo has been added
  • Shadow Engineer is the new Chancellor of Nova Balreska

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Tradelands Politics
  • Nova Balreska
    • The General Assembly of Nova Balreska declares Flipppyy Jr. (3rd), to be impeached
    • Flipppyy retires to evade impeachment
    • Nova Balreska government still leads as Anarchy
    • Void is imprisoned by WCN for joining multiple factions
    • ShadowEngineer is now the chancellor of Nova Balreska
    • A pact was made Hallengard, but is unsure what it does
    • The notion of the General Assembly is questioned

  • Kingdom of Whitecrest
    • Tensions increase with Hallengard as Whitecrest tries to prove the Hallengard members broke cove rules.
    • With lack of evidence the case was dismissed.
    • Crewman Voidsource has been arrested by the WCN on charges of espionage.

  • Hallengard

  • Blackwind Pirates
    • Active crews were able to keep their pirate captain ranking.

  • Inyola, Purshovia, New Purshovia Trading Co. ( NPTCo, Purshovian), Burkeland
    • None
Administrator Notices
  • ATTENTION: Trading in games items for Robux or money is against ROBLOX's terms of service. If this happens, ignore the trade and

report it with ROBLOX's report system.

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Map of the Islands - (2015) early 1600's

About Tradelands
Tradelands is an 18th century pirating/trading game on ROBLOX made by Tradelands Development Group.

Players are able to trade, plunder, craft, or wage naval warfare against their enemies.

The current player-influenced factions are the Kingdom of Whitecrest, Nova Balreska,

Hallengard, and Blackwind Pirates. For more information on factions, visit the Factions category.

There are currently 10 islands/areas in the game, Whitecrest, Nova Balreska,

Hallengard, Blackwind Cove, Perth, Fenwick, and Freeport. Three are unclaimed islands.


Map of the islands - (2019) Current Day 1600

Tradelands Review

Tradelands Review

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