• Heartwood and new Cupid cannons are on sale for the 2020 Valentines Day event!
  • Due to the rapid growth of the Grand Central Isles, new islands have appeared near main ports!
  • Whitecrest port has been updated.
  • "Burkeland warned King Epicmon of rebellions in Salem and Harrisburg."
  • "The rebellions pledged loyalty to Nova Balreska."

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Sponsored Groups
BDS Naval Fleet

Ports (Salem, Harrisburg)

  • Ports were introduced.

Nova Balreska

  • Cholaso dies.
  • FlenTiX claims the position of Chancellor.
  • Cheeze587 forces FlenTiX to abdicate his position and choose him as successor.

Kingdom of Whitecrest

  • Epicmon999 is now King of Whitecrest after winning a coup advance.


  • Hersir Triathelete1 is successfully coupped by 1wwwdotrobloxdotcom1 who becomes the next Hersir.
  • Hersir 1wwwdotrobloxdotcom1 is removed from power by Nahr_Nahrstein after it is discovered that he has broken rules.
  • TeamVogel becomes the next Hersir.
  • Whizicksbro leads a rebellion against TeamVogel and successfully becomes the next Hersir.
  • A pact of mutual defense is signed with Nova Balreska.
  • Radningar guterpopV5 is demoted to Thegn due to accusations of treason and war mongering.
  • "The Hallengard Elders Council has met and decided that Ianlegendstone's claim as Hersir is legitimate and he is the rightful leader of Hallengard."

Blackwind Pirates

  • Active crews were able to keep their pirate captain ranking.

External Factions

Inyola, Purshovia, Burkeland

  • Burkeland warns the Whitecrest King of upcoming coups.

ATTENTION: Trading in games items for Robux or money is against ROBLOX's terms of service. If this happens, ignore the trade and report it with ROBLOX's report system.

Tradelands Exchange or TLX, is the official market site for items.

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Map of the Islands - (2015) early 1600's

About Tradelands
Tradelands is an 18th century pirating/trading game on ROBLOX made by Tradelands Development Group.

Players are able to trade, plunder, craft, or wage naval warfare against their enemies.

The current player-influenced factions are the Kingdom of Whitecrest, Nova Balreska,

Hallengard, and Blackwind Pirates. For more information on factions, visit the Factions category.

There are currently 10 islands/areas in the game, Whitecrest, Nova Balreska,

Hallengard, Blackwind Cove, Perth, Fenwick, and Freeport. Three are unclaimed islands.


Map of the islands - (2019) Current Day 1600

Tradelands Review

Tradelands Review

ROBLOX's Maxx reviews Tradelands

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