Note: Verdantine Sovereignty levels and experience transferred to the new faction, Hallengard.

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Wearing the Verdantine cape after Hallengard was made.

Wearing the Verdantine cape after the war.

 Verdantine Sovereignty was one of the main factions in Tradelands. It had a small land island located in the north of the Tradelands Map (present-day Nova Balreska). 

Verdantine Sovereignty was defeated by Verner Expedition and Whitecrest, which resulted in the annexation of the sovereignty. 


On the southwestern part of Verdantium lies many rows of houses. On the western part of the island lies a dense forest and a group of rocks. Today it is now a part of Nova Balreska.  

Former Diplomatic Relations

Verdantine had several trading partners.

Verdantine was allied with Burkeland.

Verdantine was hostile to Whitecrest and the Verner Expedition. (During The Verner - Verd war.)

Verdantine used to be allies with Whitecrest.

Verdantine was given independence from Purshovia.

Verdantine was hostile Blackwind pirates.

They used to be lead by an elected governor who oversaw diplomatic trade relations and the Verdantine Navy. The governor of Verdantine was reelected every few months. Verdantine had a navy force of around two hundred men.


Former Governor - TexanActual

Former Advisor - None

Former Sea Lord -ConFused19

Former Admirals - WilkosGaming, Naxirb

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