Sampson Smith, the Warehouse Manager at Whitecrest before the Whitecrest Revamp

The warehouse can be accessed through warehouse managers and they can be found at Whitecrest, Nova Balreska, Hallengard, Blackwind Cove, Cannoneer's Key, Salem, Harrisburg, Nassau, Freeport, and Burkeland. Warehouses allow players to store 200 items or more items.

You're also able to delete items by clicking the "delete: on" button at the bottom of the warehouse's screen. (Pictured below) Deleted items produce scrap, which can be turned into a great many things, ranging from trading it down by Harrisburg, (see: Harrisburg Scrap Trader), or even turning into furniture made for homes. Keep in mind that it is very unwise to scrap elements and/or resources, as they produce no scrap. You can however, scrap crafted items.


The Special Furniture Vendor on Freeport sells pre-made chests for loyalty tokens. These mimic the warehouse mechanic that can be placed in houses.

The chests can be also made from the carpentry table from your choice of wood, metal and 100 premium tokens. However it requires Level 10 carpentry.


  • In order to delete items in the warehouse, one must follow a few steps. First, the payer must open up the warehouse GUI by going to any warehouse manager. Then, look at the bottom-left for the "Delete Button." Clicking it will change the GUI to a reddish colour (pictured to the right), and follow the given instructions.
  • The only warehouse buildings accessible by players are located in Whitecrest. They are namely the one accessible in the centre of the island and the fort.
  • Some players may have problems interacting with some NPCs, for this reason, one may have to reset, rejoin, or punch the NPC. Sometimes attacking them from different directions using a tool or a weapon may work.
  • You can sort through resources by typing "!woods" (which will show all woods you have stored in your warehouse) or "!metals" (which will show all metals you have stored in your warehouse) in the search bar

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