Image of the Widgeon

Type Fluyt
Role Combat
Hull Strength 13000
Max Armament 8 x Size 6 Cannon

2 x Size 4 Cannon (Bow)

1 x Small Boat

Max Cargo 9

Storage for 50 Cannon Balls

Speed 6
Metal 85
Timber 450
Doubloons 34000
Level 7

"The Widgeon is a modification of the Goose designed to pack a bigger punch."-Shipwright Summary

The Widgeon is, like the Goose, a level 7 ship with high health. It trades its stern chaser for two bow chasers and some cargo capacity for a more ergonomic cannon layout, but keeps the low speed and sitting duck quality.

Although it's a combat ship, its unpopular and referred to as a pseudo combat ship, like the Marlin, probably due to its slow turn speed or vulnerability as it is massive. Opinions to this ship are generally negative.

It can be a powerful unit if well captained and has a good crew to man her.


Named after the small waterfowl commonly referred to as a dabbling duck.

Most people think the Widgeon is a huge waste of materials; the Widgeon is almost useless in every way, even as a combat ship.


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